Finally Answered: How A Simple Solution Turn any Startup Successful

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Instruction: Watch the video fully without skipping, you will exactly get the answer without any string attached.

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Still not convinced? Apply for a Free Strategy session where You we can go deeper in this concept & come up with a blueprint of success & validation procedure.

Know exactly

What you will get from Free Strategy Session?

last between 30-120 minutes (phone or Zoom)

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.”

-Galileo Galilei

Reason for the Plateau

70% of the time, Sam put his maximum focus to listen what’s going on with your business. He never throw his opinions or disagree with your views since you are the insider. He collect datas & facts, then analyse that data to come up with reason for Plateau or dull growth as a first step.

Validation - Growth Opportunities

With the data collected from first step combined with his technological & marketing expertise, he then find every opportunities to bring revenue specifically to your business. 

Business Success Blueprint

After finding hidden revenue makers, he build a detailed blueprint along with scope & timeline of the process to reach your desired goals.


Common Q&A Related to Free Strategy Session With Sam

Depending upon your profile, the free session is anywhere between 30 minutes all the way upto 120 minutes. In rare cases it may even extend upto 150 minutes maximum. Sam goal is to help clients who seeking him by understanding their business model, problems & revenue model before building any strategies to improve. 

No Strings Attached. This is free for a reason. Entrepreneurs with problems on their startups generally got bitter experience already multiple times in multiple parts of their business or in fear of getting screwed by poor service. In this day and age, it is getting harder and harder to find genuine consulting services to fix startup problems, and entrepreneurs don’t have enough confident to approach for help and end up suffering a lot without getting any professional help. To help them make voice out and reach for help, Sam truly build this initiative for free of charges.

  1. Anyone can apply for the free strategy session, But the backend team will approve & prioritise every application.
  2. If your application approved, you are get in touch with WhatsApp or Email regarding schedule of the real appointment. 
  3. At the scheduled time, you are directly contacted by Mr. Sam through your preferred communication mode (eg: whatsapp call or zoom call).

Note: Sam only offers Maximum 2 sessions per day to maintain quality of service. So due to multiple request, your application may get delayed. First Come First Serve.

Yes, The entire session’s goal is to help you clear out your doubts, fears, confusions & other questions so that you can confidently move forward and execute the right solutions either with the help of Sam or with the help of your own team of trust.

Basically Mr.Sam is technical enough to understand all kind of business problem and write solutions to it. He may not expert in executing some of the solution but that doesn’t stop from writing solutions. So technically you can come up with any business problem & seek solution from the session. 

Apart from that, his true expertise lies on problems related to “Raising seed funds”, “Fixing customer relationships”, “Understanding marketplace”, “Finding new revenue streams”, “Building engagements”, “Collecting advanced customer data”. In these areas, Sam can also help you to execute solution on later stages.

Ofcourse yes. To be honest, his goal is to not just help you to understand the problems, but overcome it and become successful. In certain areas like (but not limited to) Platform building,  Bulding engagements, Finding revenue streams, Preparing for fund raising, he usually promote his own services as he know he can do lot better and efficient than others. 

But at the same time, He never promote himself on something he is not expert at, just to increase his own revenue stream. Just because he offer a free initial consulting, doesn’t mean you can expect any charitable service. Sam always respect his own & his client’s time very much.

Again it’s very simple. It is all in your hand. Think about a doctors, How a doctor’s solution is completely depend on the problem’s explained by the patients, like wise, the quality of outcome you get from this session is really depends on how deeply you explain your problems during the first half of the session.

So take a pen and paper, and write down every problem you want a solution and be prepared before the meeting.

Yes. It is not about how small or big you are. It is all about how big you dream to raise your startup/business in next 5 years and how much time, effort & money you willing to put in next couple of years. 

If you think you are capable enough to put maximum efforts, time & money into your project, you can confidently apply for a free session.

About Sam

With more than 8 years of experience along with failures & success learnings, Sam is one of those never give up personality type. He works with top brands as freelancer & consultant in various parts of the business. He started his career as web developer at 2014 and he is also one of those OG at Direct response marketing. Later he started work closely with brands as a freelancer on building engagements & brand value. Then he works with valuation & funding at various VC to pitch his clients and gain more insider knowledge from his new friends at VC firms. Then he also get more knowledge fund raising through Y-Combinator Workshops.   

Integrate a person like Sam Sundar with your startup can instantly bring tough competitive advantage and saves decades of time and bulk load of money long term. 


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